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About the Founder

Aesthetician and Makeup Artist by day, Wedding Blogger by night.

Nicole Demi has worked in Manahawkin and Long Beach Island in the wedding industry for 5 years. She gets such a thrill being able to take part in such a special day in couples’ lives. By getting to know and working with other local vendors she got to experience first hand what a wonderful and unique area it is we live.

Ann Coen Photography

Nicole realized that it’s hard to plan a wedding in general, but it’s most overwhelming trying to follow and get to know all the possible vendors you can use in the area that are going to make your wedding everything you dreamed of.

While making these connections, she decided why not create a space where couples could come and see all of their options in one place. She wanted to create a space where couples could see real weddings and get inspiration from venues they could book with people they could hire.

Local vendors not only know the area best but by supporting local businesses, you’re helping real people live their dream and allowing them to do what they love and most importantly what they’re best at.

Couples – Get involved!

Ask questions, post about your experience, share your photos. Need help or advice? Shoot us an email! We’re here for you babe.

Vendors – Show em the good good!

Want to collaborate on a project or advertise with us? Hit us up! We’re here for you too!

You can reach Nicole at